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The capital of the Upper West Region, Wa, lies within a vast savanna grassland. It can be reached by road from Accra through Kumasi.

Buses link the various towns and villages within the region's various districts. If you are looking for a more interesting, enjoyable way to explore Wa, hire a bicycle from the city.



Gbelle Game Reserve
The Reserve is located about 17km south of Tumu. It is a sanctuary for many endangered species of wildlife like hippos, and water bucks, elephants and birds of spectacular plumage. The Reserve's specialized activities are devoted primarily to conservation and reproduction in an effort to protect and increase the animal population.


Wa Naa's Palace
This 19th century palace skillfully blends Sudanese and Moorish architecture and still stands as stately and beautiful as the day it was built. The Palace has many compounds which accommodate the numerous clans who have occupied the throne. It is the official residence of the Wa Naa, Paramount Chief of the Walas. In front of the Palace you will see the graves of past Wa Naas.

George Ekem Ferguson's Grave
A Ghanaian colonial agent from Anomabu, George Ekem was instrumental in convincing the local chiefs in the North to sign treaties of friendship with the British. In 1897, a few years before the entire North (including Upper East and West) became a British Protectorate, he was captured by Samory, the famous slave raider, and was beheaded for aiding the white men. His grave is preserved in Wa.

Gbollu Defence Wall
Built by Gbollu Koro Liman in the latter part of the 19th century as a defence against Samory's slave raids, parts of the wall and its foundation are still visible. Gbollu is located 70km north of Wa, near the Burkina Faso border.


Kobine Festival
This post-harvest festival gives thanks to the gods for a bountiful harvest. It is normally celebrated in the month of September by the Dagaaba. The 3-day festival culminates in feasting and dancing.

Damba Festival
Originally linked with Islam to mark the birth of Mohammed, the festival has gradually taken on a traditional rather than Islamic tone. The 2-day festival is full of pageantry and showmanship and is celebrated in the towns of Dagbon, Gonjaland, Mamprusiland and Nanumbaland.

Eiok Festival
The annual "Fiok Festival" is celebrated by the Builsas of Sandema in December. This is a war festival which re-enacts the ancient heroic exploits of the Builsas. Amid drumming and dancing, the gods are invoked for protection and for a bountiful harvest.

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