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Health Issues

Special Precautions Certificate Required
Yellow Fever Yes -
Cholera Yes -
Typhoid & Polio Yes -
Malaria 3 -
Food & Drink 4 -

1: A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required by all.

2: Following WHO guidelines issued in 1973, a cholera vaccination certificate is no longer a condition of entry to Ghana. However, precautions are essential.

3: Malaria risk, predominantly in the malignant falciparum form, exists all year throughout the country. Malaria precaution is advised.

4: Tap water in cities is hygienic, but it is advisable to drink bottled water.

Health care: Health insurance is advised. Medical facilities exist in all the regional capitals as well as in most towns and villages.

Ghana has a reasonably good health service. All regional capitals and most districts have hospitals, polyclinics and clinics. Two (2) teaching hospitals in Accra and Kumasi have facilities for treating special cases. Additionally, a number of religious organizations and private medical practitioners operate hospitals and clinics all over the country. Herbal medicine and psychic healing are also generally practised, and there is a special government Herbal Medicine Hospital and Research Centre at Akwapim-Mampong.

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