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Consular Information
Requirements for Consular Service
Passport / TC (C of I)
Renunciation of Ghanaian Citizenship
Registration of Ghanaian Nationals
Other Consular Services
Forms & Fees

Forms & Fees

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Consular Service request form 
Travel Certificate forms 
Ghanaian Citizens Registration form 
Visa Application forms 
Application for Press Accreditation form  

Fees for Passport and other Consular Services
Passport Application Form¥4,800
Processing fee (non-biometric) ¥22,600
Processing fee (biometric)¥23,200
Lost/Damaged (non-biometric)¥42,000
Passport Endorsement¥6,000
Child Insertion¥6,000
Certificate of Identity (TC)¥8,000
Marriage Attestation documents¥6,000
Signature Attestation¥2,000
Others Attestation¥6,000
Certification of Business
Renunciation of Citizenship
Application form & Processing¥24,000
Registration with the Embassy (ID Card)¥4,800
Registration of Marriage¥4,800
Registration of Birth¥4,800
Family Register Translation¥6,000
Marriage Certificate Translation¥6,000
Birth Certificate Translation¥6,000
Other kinds of Translation¥6,000
Single entry visa¥9,440
Multiple entry visa¥11,000
Express/Fast Track
Single entry visa¥12,440
Multiple entry visa¥14,000

● Expedited visa processing is granted to Japanese nationals only.

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